Game Duration:

  • Competition launches on Monday 11th March 2019.
  • Competition ends 6:00am Saturday 20th April, 2019
  • Trades can be made from 11th March, up until close of USA markets on Saturday 20th April, 6:00am

Buying and selling:

  • You need to sign-up and fund your own account on Stake.

  • Minimum fund is $50AUD. This will convert to USD in your trading account.

  • All trades are in USD

  • Because Stake allows you to trade fractional shares (i.e. you can buy as little as $10 worth of an Amazon share, rather than having to buy 1 whole share) you can start small if you want to test it out. 

  • Minimum order is $10. 

  • You can buy and sell whenever you want. For trades to count towards the prize, they must be done within the game’s start and finish dates.

  • You must make at least one trade during the competition to be eligible.

Winning & Eligibility:

  • The competition winner will be judged on their % increase over the game’s trading period.
    -An account US$50 that grows to US$60 will beat an account with US$1000 that grows to US$1100.
    -If you add more funds to your account after trading, this will not diminish your original gains.
    -Final discretion will fall upon the competition organisers.

  • Any money added and invested above your starting capital will not count towards your total return

  • To be eligible for first prize you must prove you are a university student during the game dates, when requested by Equity Mates and/or Stake, by showing valid university ID and/or course enrolment confirmation.


  • By bringing your friends to the comp and getting them into the market, you can earn cash. Once you sign-up you get your own referral code. For every friend that joins the comp (anytime before or during the competition), using your referral code, you both get $5 into your account.

Learning from others:

  • We want to know how you’re going over the 6 weeks - so you agree to let us get in touch with you from time to time and potentially feature you on promotional material. You may also be asked to share your success and failures on your social media feeds!  

Equity Mates and Stake are not licensed financial advisors and no information provided during this competition should be considered investing advice. Any information shared is of a general nature and does not take into account your specific financial circumstances. Investing involves risk, and a professional financial advisor should be consulted before making any major financial decisions.

Financial markets are constantly changing and new information is constantly being released. Equity Mates and Stake used best endeavours to ensure any videos, podcasts, promotion material or other content produced for this competition was up to date at the time of production. However, make no warranty as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information at the time of the competition. You are risking your own money when your invest. Do your own research and consult a financial professional before you take this risk.