Coming from some of one of the most sophisticated trading companies in the world, we understood how complex execution in the US can be - so Stake has partnered with DriveWealth so you get access to a full suite US brokerage account which gives you access to the US markets at a fraction of the usual costs. It's as if you could be sitting and trading from Los Angeles, Nashville, Miami or in a Starbucks next to the NYSE in New York.  

Each order is subject to the best execution rules, which means that when being placed for execution they are routed to the exchange that gives you the best price.  This is known as NBBO (National Best Bid Offer) rule. Fractional orders are also subject to NBBO so regardless of the size you trade, you'll be getting the best price in the market at the time. 

No spread or commission is added to your order and we do not sell order flow to other market participants!