We undertake instant verification with Trulioo Information services.  They look for a match between the details you provided in your application and various government and credit databases.  If there is a match your account is ready to trade and you can use POLi to fund your account. 

To have your account ready on the spot, have your Drivers License or Passport nearby and enter those details into the application.  You will not be required to upload these. 

~90% of customers will go through verification immediately if they enter their address, licence/passport and date of birth accurately. 

If we cannot get a verification match that meets the required standard, the verification moves into manual processing with Macquarie Bank (which takes 1-2 business days).  

Even if you have been approved through the electronic verification, Macquarie Bank will undertake their own checks to finalise your AUD wallet, which takes 1-2 business days.  For this reason, we suggest using POLi initially so you can fund faster.