You can elect to buy a gift for any value between US$10 and US$500.

When you buy a Stake gift you are paying for:

1. The $ amount of the shares you wish to purchase (in $USD - as these are US listed shares)

2. The brokerage - $5.99 USD, which covers execution of the order for the shares when redeemed, so the recipient pays nothing on redemption.

3. Card Transaction Fees - For payments by card, there is a merchant fee which covers our cost with Pin Payments, our credit card merchant.

Before you make payment, your purchase is converted into Australian dollars at the checkout, which includes a spread of 0.7% on the current exchange rate. This means that you will not have to pay the usually high overseas transaction fees.

A cost breakdown and example purchase of a Stake gift is set out below.

- Gift (Face Value): US$100.00 (eg. US$100 of Apple, Inc (AAPL))

- Gift Brokerage: US$5.99 (fixed fee - this covers the execution of the order of shares in the market on redemption of the gift)

- Card Transaction Fee: US$2.12 (2% of the transaction cost, US$1 minimum)

Total (US$): US$108.11

Total (A$): A$142.70 (a FX spread of 0.7% on the spot rate)

All fees and charges are inclusive of any applicable GST.